Dwyer® 25 MANOMETER, MARK II, 0-3" W.C.
  • Construction - Mark II Manometers are economically priced, compact and available in both stationary and portable configurations
  • Construction is simple with virtually indestructible molded white styrene-acrylonitrile housing, indicating tube and fluid wells, molded ABS knobs and zero adjust plunger, shock mounted glass level vial and leak proof "O" ring seals
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  • Moderate overpressures are accommodated by an overflow tank incorporated. Greater protection is provided by float operated overflow traps in the Model 40. Scales are lithograph printed on aluminum and epoxy coated
  • Installation - Mark II Manometers can be mounted on any vertical surface with the two mounting screws provided
  • A built-in spirit level simplifies leveling before mounting screws are tightened. Simply fill the reservoir, adjust fluid level to zero, connect the tubing, and the gage is ready for operation.Specifications:

    Accuracy: ±3% FS
    Temperature Limits: Inclined/Vertical Models: 140°F (60°C); Inclined Models: 130°F (54°C)
    Pressure Limits: Inclined/Vertical Models: 10 psi (70 kPa)
    Inclined Models: 15 psi (100 kPa)
    Scale Length: Inclined Models: Approx. 8-1/4" (21 cm)>

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